And so it begins

Welcome to O P T I C X P. This is a new home for those who are passionate about visual novels, gaming as a whole, and other creative works. To kick things off, we’ve shared some details about our first project, codenamed Krysta. It’s a long ways off, but you’re more than welcome to join us as we continue working on perfecting everything ahead of release.

Our dream is to create a community for everyone to come together and share their thoughts. We’re long-term fans of stories, ranging from fantasy to sci-fi, but it’s time we created some of our own, which is where O P T I C X P comes into play. This developer blog will allow you to keep track of our progress as we continue to tease more about Krysta.

Stay awesome!

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Rich Edmonds

Rich believes himself to be the creative genius behind OpticXP, but even he knows this place would be nothing without the community. Still, he ensures everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.

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